Our Tuition & Tuition Assistance Philosophy

An FPD education is an investment in your child’s future. It provides your student with an array of opportunities to learn and grow as they prepare for college and beyond. That top-quality education entails tuition, the majority of which goes toward hiring the best faculty and staff to teach, engage, and inspire.

We also recognize that God has blessed families with different socioeconomic backgrounds. Therefore, FPD offers a tuition assistance program to help families bridge the gap between what it costs to attend FPD and what they are able to pay. Through tuition assistance, we strive to work with all families who seek an FPD education for their child.

Tuition Assistance Information

TAP is a program that is administered by FPD that helps to fill the gap between the cost of an FPD education and the amount that a family can afford to pay. It is in place for those families who desire a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education for their child(ren), wish for them to be enrolled at FPD, and demonstrate a genuine financial need.

FPD subscribes to an online need assessment service from Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to process applications. TAP application materials are kept in secured files in the Business Office and are only accessible by “need to know” staff in the FPD Financial Aid office.