Elementary (3K – 5th Grade)

At the FPD elementary school, we see our students as uniquely gifted individuals created in the image of God. The FPD program is designed to develop life-long learners who can engage and positively impact our world while being challenged by the Gospel, sensitive to the needs of others, and developing heathy habits of mind and body. The curriculum starts with the end in mind. Students selected for the FPD student body are prepared for colleges and universities through a nurturing, experiential, and developmentally-sensitive program. The program provides opportunities to meet a variety of individual needs and interests and includes and is supportive of families. The 3K-12th grade curriculum starts with the end in mind; FPD’s nurturing, experiential, and developmentally-sensitive sequence of study provides a value-added program preparing students for college success. The core courses, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities allow for the unique interests and needs of students as we partner with parents seeking God’s best for their sons and daughters.


FPD’s Elementary School Wins 2015 Blue Ribbon Award for Exemplary High Performance.
FPD’s Elementary School was named a National Blue Ribbon School for exemplary high performance in 2003 and 2015 by the US Department of Education. The National Blue Ribbon Schools program selects high-performing schools that can document the practices leading to their results and showcases their programs for other schools to emulate. FPD’s Middle School also won the award in 2012.

We believe children are created by God, unique and special with unlimited potential. As image bearers, they are naturally creative, problem solvers, and seek to understand the world around them. With age appropriate strategies, we help students understand fundamental concepts and seek to apply that knowledge in novel situations with supportive and nurturing teachers.

We want our students to not only achieve good grades, but also develop a passion for learning. Therefore, our focus, especially in our youngest students, is not simply achieving a high test score, but gaining an appreciation for academics and eagerness to learn.

Just like pieces of a puzzle, when students see connections between topics, they see the full picture. FPD’s classroom teachers and co-curricular leaders tie their lessons together in interdisciplinary units founded in a biblical world-and-life view. The curriculum is designed to develop strong conceptual understanding and higher-order reasoning in addition to facts and procedures.

Playing can be educational! Experiential learning establishes basics that students will later need when working on team projects, patiently finishing a test, or finding a solution through creative thinking.

At each stage, our teachers have options for advanced learners and options for beginners so students can be challenged and assisted appropriately. Our goals challenge and inspire children to be higher level thinkers and life-long learners in preparation for college.

Christ-centered education fosters a servant’s heart. This servant’s heart is the foundation for their development as godly men and women who will be leaders in their respective communities.

FPD employs state-of-the-art educational technology at all levels. Technology provides access to content and engaged learning opportunities for all of our students. Students use technology for creative expression and teachers are better connected to students to monitor understanding and progress. Students also develop essential 21st century skills and learn to address 21st century issues and how to be responsible digital citizens.

Beginning in the FPD 3K program, students use classroom sets of iPads with educational apps and interactive games to supports their mathematics, reasoning, and literacy development. Teachers have projectors and SmartBoards in their classrooms to enhance instruction. Students in the first through fourth grade use a computer lab and class sets of tablets to develop computer and keyboard skills, learn to use productivity software, and enhance their subject area studies.

FPD’s 1-to-1 tablet program begins in fifth grade. Convertible tablet PCs become students’ essential tools for exploration, discussion, and creation as writers, scientists, and mathematicians. Teachers have access to vast resources of digital content that they are able to share with their students. Teachers and students connect and learn using shared digital notebooks and collaborative software. The digital notebooks allow teachers to continually monitor student progress and assist students in developing note-taking and study skills.

For more on FPD’s 1-to-1 Technology Program, click here.


As early as kindergarten, FPD begins promoting the concept of sharing God’s love through service to the community. In these early grades, students participate in field trips to local service organizations such as food kitchens, retirement communities, and ministry opportunities. The trips build the foundation for a servant’s heart.

Our mission for our elementary school is to equip children to change the world for God’s glory. We prayerfully work together to accomplish this mission. Every child has a unique place in our school, and we enjoy finding the talents each child possesses.

Elementary students have plenty of time to stay active and engage in various activities outside the classroom. Various co-curricular activities include:

  • _DSC0497_copyChapel
  • Science Lab
  • Educational Gardens
  • Spanish
  • Computer
  • Art
  • Music
  • Theatre (3rd-5th)
  • Chorus and Band (5th)
  • Library
  • Physical Education (1st – 5th)

Wade Putnal
Lower School Principal, First Presbyterian Day School