FPD Gives Back

Community Service Program: Transform

Community Service is an important part of FPD’s culture. Following the example of Jesus Himself, our students serve in communities at home and afar to share the love of Christ. Our program is distinctive in that it focuses on distressed populations through mission/service trips, direct service, and indirect support of ministry agencies.

By serving others, students realize they are transformed and the communities in which they serve are transformed, all for God's glory.

FPD Transform

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Building the Foundation

Elementary Community Service

FPD builds a love for serving others starting in our lower school. Students in grades 3K – 5th grade participate in projects such as packing bags for Backpack Ministry, visiting local nursing homes, raising money for Christmas gifts, and helping at the local food bank.

Middle School Service

Exploring Opportunities

In Middle School, students begin to hone in on their service interests as well as explore opportunities through FPD's Middle School Service Day held in the spring. Likewise, they participate in service projects through middle school clubs.

Using Gifts to Serve Others

Service in High School

In high school, FPD students dive into how they can use their gifts to serve others. While students are required to give 120 hours of community service, many give more. Sixty of these hours have to be through face-to-face opportunities helping others in need, such as serving in local schools, food banks, Backpack Ministry and more. The culminating project is a Senior Service Day in the spring.

Other Opportunities for Growth

Director of Spiritual Life

Stephen Jordan

Director of Spiritual Life