Every spring FPD seniors have the exciting and sometimes intimidating decision of choosing the next step in their education – where they will get their undergraduate degree.  Two top schools our grads seek are UGA and Georgia Tech and both schools become more selective each year.

“I am firmly convinced there is no more competitive time in college admissions than right now, and FPD students are responding extremely well to the increase in competition,” said Brad Thompson, FPD College Counselor.

Last year, Georgia Tech applications across the country increased by twenty percent. This year Tech decided to join the Common App application process and requests jumped another 46%. Obviously, when that happens a college becomes more selective.

Average scores for Tech admissions for 2014:

2193 on the 3 part SAT out of 2400

1485 on the 2 part SAT out of 1600

4.0 GPA

9 AP Classes

 FPD is pleased to announce that five FPD seniors were accepted to Georgia Tech.

Similarly, UGA continues to see an increase in admissions from year to year. This year, UGA had about 21,000 applications and accepted about 5,200 students.

Middle 50% of UGA admissions:

1210-1370 on the 2 part SAT

28-32 on the ACT

3.8-4.0 GPA

Average of 7 AP classes

FPD is pleased to announce that currently twenty-four FPD students were accepted to UGA.

Many seniors are making college choices as we speak. Please continue to pray for them. This is a big decision and many of them need our advice and prayers.


Written by Beth Burnsed, FPD Communications Director