At FPD, we recognize that our strongest asset is our teachers. Their love for their students and for teaching from a biblical worldview distinguishes FPD and provides the strongest foundation for students. Each Wednesday morning, these outstanding faculty members come together for devotions and ongoing training in order to continue improving and growing as teachers and mentors.

This year, FPD faculty and staff are studying the book Beyond Biblical Integration by Roger Erdvig. The book explains the difference between biblical integration and biblical immersion in the development of a worldview.

Erdvig explains that everyone has a worldview – a way of interpreting the world around you, viewing opportunities and trials, interacting with others. He provides ideas and resources for Christian school teachers and leaders as they partner with parents to establish a biblical worldview in their children.

Erdvig notes, “The distinguishing mark of a Christian school should be an educational experience that immerses students in a biblical worldview. Biblical worldview immersion goes beyond the traditional emphasis on biblical integration, which involves connecting course content to biblical truths. While that’s an important part of immersion, it’s just not enough if we hope to make good on our promise of producing graduates who have a well-developed biblical worldview. Effective biblical worldview development requires a more holistic approach.”

As part of the process, grades and departments participate in small group study to discuss incorporating the book’s concepts in their classroom.

Examples include:

  • An elementary class goes to the garden and considers, “How does learning about plants change the way I care for God’s creation?”
  • Middle school students studying math would be equipped to critically think about how to, “employ math to exert good and godly rulership over creation,” (Erdvig, P188).
  • High school history students might respond to, “How does this event, person, law, or idea help establish order, stop evil, and ease suffering?”

“FPD teachers have a heart and passion for developing students into world changers for God’s glory,” notes Kristen Kreutner, FPD Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation. “The book allows us to strengthen the strong roots of biblical worldview by having open dialogue and active attention to biblical immersion in the classrooms, hallways, sports teams, clubs, and daily interaction with students and parents.”

Over the next few months of group study, Beyond Biblical Integration will strengthen FPD’s curriculum and daily mentorship so FPD faculty continue to provide the best academic and faith foundation for tomorrow’s Christian leaders.