The end of this school year marks the completion of our first three-year lease cycle for the 1-to-1 tablet PC devices. Below is information about how tablet turn-in will be handled in preparation for students to receive new devices this summer.

What will need to be returned? Each student will need to turn-in a tablet, battery, power supply, and stylus by the last day of school. Tablets and accessories should be undamaged and in good working order. Exact dates are below.

What if the power supply, battery, or stylus is missing? In order to meet the requirements of the leasing company, we will need the tablet, the battery, the power supply, and a stylus. At tablet turn-in, if a part is missing, there will be a fee based on its fair market value: missing tablet, $300; battery, $40; power supply $25; and stylus, $15.
When will new tablets be issued? Exact dates for issuing the new tablets have not been set; however, we anticipate sometime mid-June with a staggered distribution schedule that will be announced and posted on our website.
What about information and files on the tablets? All information and files on the tablets will be erased after the tablets are turned in for security and confidentiality. We recommend students store any information they want to keep – notes, documents, photos, etc. – on a personal external hard drive, storage cloud, or other storage method before they return their device. We will provide a procedure to export your student’s OneNote files if he or she wants to keep any 2015-2016 school year notes.

What if the tablet or accessories are damaged? Damage assessments will be made at the tablet turn-in; any damages will be indicated on a form when the tablet is returned and will be signed off by the student and staff. Parents will be notified if there are any issues.

TABLET TURN-IN DATES (listed in calendar order)
12th Grade             May 13 or after last exam. Turn-in to the IT Helpdesk.
5th Grade               May 19. IT will collect in fifth grade classrooms.
6th Grade               May 25. IT will collect on the sixth grade hallway.
7th – 11th Grade     May 25, after last exam. Turn-in at the Zach.

Questions: Contact the FPD IT Department at 478.477.6505, ext. 106 or

We hope your student has enjoyed using the tablet PC for his or her schoolwork. We have finalized the selection for the replacement device for the new three-year lease cycle. We will be issuing HP Elite X2 1012 devices to students this summer and will have details to you soon about picking those up. Thank you for partnering with us on this important technology initiative for FPD students.

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