FPD unveiled a future-focused Master Plan on Tuesday evening. The plan provides a long-range vision for the campus complete with new, expanded academic spaces, fine art spaces, and sports facilities. The plan is now available online. Parents, friends, and alumni are invited to attend an Information Session on Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Lecture Hall of the High School Building to receive more information about the future vision for First Presbyterian Day School.

Why a Master Plan

FPD’s Board of Trustees and administration have often faced the challenge of deciding where to place new buildings or field spaces to best serve our students. In early 2013, the Board decided it was time to consider our future campus needs and put that vision on paper in the form of a Campus Master Plan.

When reviewing future campus needs, enrollment considerations were a starting point. Currently, FPD’s high school building and several extracurricular facilities are at or nearing capacity with an upper school enrollment close to four hundred. The Board and administration explored the ideal number of FPD’s high school and recognized that a high school student body closer to six hundred would allow FPD to enhance course options for an honors track, a college prep track and an Advanced Placement track. This would optimize academic opportunities for FPD students. Six hundred students in high school became the benchmark for further discussions regarding the Master Plan.

Led by a team of experienced master plan developers and architects, the Board spent 18 months crafting and revising a plan until a final concept was adopted in June 2015. The Master Plan presents a conceptual way to meet the needs of a growing student body while maintaining FPD’s sense of community and remaining good stewards of the resources God has provided. The Board is not assuming a specific enrollment number will be met at any particular time; the Master Plan is a way to be prepared should the Lord choose to bless FPD in this manner.

Goals of the Planning Process

  • Consider ideas with a horizon of 15 or more years.
  • Identify likely campus spaces for possible future projects.
  • Plan for enrollment considerations that optimize student opportunities.
  • Maintain FPD distinctives, specifically our Core Values, Sense of Community, and Relationships.
  • Consider functionality as well as aesthetics to maintain a welcoming “front porch” that mirrors FPD’s exceptional education experience.
  • Ensure sustainability with a plan that is also tuition-neutral.