The months of March and April are always busy for the FPD band program. Between performances and GMEA evaluations, invitationals, and more, the students and their instruments (and parents) are always on the move. This year is no exception. FPD student musicians are well-represented in 2016’s GMEA District Honor Bands, All State Band, and South Region Band. The audition process starts in December with about 15,000 Georgia students and eventually narrows down to the final 700 kids in March.

The following students received placements in 2016 District Honor Bands, All State Band, and South Region Band.

GMEA District XI Honor Jazz Band: Emily Culpepper, Jansen Oliver, Andrew Cerny

GMEA District XI Honor Band (MS): Austin Murray, Maddie Bass, Owen Huggins, Abbey Surles, Christian Crosby, Ben Huggins, Jonathan Hughes, Dalton Self, Abby Whitehead, Merit Huggins

GMEA District XI Honor Band (HS): Riley Warren, John Drinkwater, Aaron Lanning,  Tommy Bohan, Emily Culpepper, Nicholas Shealy, Carine Cerny, Nathan Smith, Cooper Martin, Sam Bass, Andrew Cerny

South Region Band: Abbey Surles, Austin Murray, Riley Warren, John Drinkwater,  Aaron Lanning, Carine Cerny, Nicholas Shealy, Cooper Martin, Andrew Cerny, Nathan Smith, Emily Culpepper, Ben Huggins, Owen Huggins, Christian Crosby, Jonathan Hughes

GMEA All State Band: Austin Murray, Andrew Cerny, Aaron Lanning, Nicholas Shealy, Cooper Martin


Over the next few weeks, the bands will continue to showcase their talents at various venues around Macon:

April 19th – The FPD Jazz Ensemble is performing at the Grand Opera House in downtown Macon for the Golden Eagle Awards at 7:00pm.  The FPD Jazz Ensemble is the featured musical group at the prestigious awards ceremony.

April 24th – Northway Church will be having an event at FPD on Sunday night with guest musical group, the FPD Jazz Ensemble.  The jazz musicians will play numerous high energy pieces to a large crowd and enjoy an evening of food, fellowship and worship.  7:00 p.m.

May 3rd – Jazz Night – The FPD Jazz Ensemble and FPD Jazz Band will perform at the Clark Fine Arts Center at 7:00 p.m.

May 5th – The National Day of Prayer – The FPD Jazz Ensemble will be performing at the NDP at First Presbyterian Church at 7:00 a.m.

May 7th – The Macon Symphony Youth Orchestra, under the direction of FPD Band Director Jonathan Baker, will perform their annual Kaleidoscope Concerts at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the Clark Fine Arts Center here at FPD.  The concert will include guest conductor Dr. Mike Phillips from University of South Alabama in Mobile.