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Below are some of the top reasons FPD stands out as a leader in education. We cannot wait to show you more on your tour!

Excited About Learning

Forget boring lectures and note-taking! Students gain a deeper understanding and an appreciation for what they learn when they see, touch, feel, and experience what they read and discuss. At FPD, we give our faculty the freedom to find unique ways to bring studies to life so students gain a passion for learning and a desire to be lifelong learners.

Make a Difference

Students want to make a difference in their communities. They want to have an impact on their world. However, they must start young. They must experience the challenges of being a leader and how to walk through those challenges to make a difference. At FPD we encourage student leadership with multiple opportunities for students to explore areas within our community, nation, and around the world where they can make an impact for God’s glory.

Joy in Community

Parents are not alone in their journey to raise their child and each student is not alone in his or her journey to find God’s path. We join together as partners in educating and equipping students.

Find Direction

Culture preaches that having a great job and lots of possessions makes life meaningful. Likewise, students are bombarded with a million messages on which way to go – which college to attend, which activity to pursue, which career path to consider. We help students see that only following Christ brings true, long-term satisfaction. We provide resources to help them discover their best path.