We are encouraged by the plans for FPD’s Distance Learning as we begin this new approach starting tomorrow. While the heart of FPD is the face-to-face interactions between students, mentors, and peers, our faculty are excited to implement new ways to connect with students and families. We ask for your patience as we begin, and likewise, our teachers will be patient with students as they adjust as well.

Answers to FAQs on Distance Learning

For 3K – 4th Grade
How often will I receive information from my child’s teacher?
You should have received an email from your child’s teacher earlier today and will receive daily updates through email and their teacher blog. Please make sure to check these each day.What if I do not have internet at home or need additional assistance?
Please email or call your child’s principal, Mrs. Wade Putnal, for additional assistance.

For 5th – 12th Grade
What if my child has an issue with his/her tablet or online materials?
If the issue is related to class material, the student can first email his or her teacher for assistance. If the teacher is unable to assist or the issue is related to the tablets in general, students can submit an online Helpdesk ticket or send an email to helpdesk@fpdmacon.org.

These Helpdesk tickets will be reviewed as they are received and help will be provided as soon as possible.For health and safety reasons, the on-campus Help Desk is open by appointment only. Appointments can be made once a Helpdesk created, reviewed, and assistance cannot be provided by phone or email.

*Also, most online resources that students need for their assignments can be accessed from other computers. If they run into a glitch with their school-issued tablets, links to those resources can be found at www.www.fpdmacon.org/distancelearning.

What kind of activities will distance learning entail?
Distance learning will entail a variety of methods including online activities, videos, writing and reading assignments, meetings through Zoom, and other methods based on the grade and class. Teachers are going to make these fun and engaging while also making sure students meet their learning objectives.

How will my student receive assignments?
Assignments will be posted on Netclassroom as well as other classroom communication tools that teachers use regularly already. Students should check the means of communication they are most accustomed to in each class. This could be Netclassroom, Moodle, OneNote, and/or email depending on the class.

What if my child cannot attend or misses an online class meeting?
No worries. Our faculty are prepared to be flexible with students. Students should email his or her teacher to let them know if they are unable to attend an online class meeting.

What if my child misses a deadline or has a technical glitch and cannot complete a project?
Again, no worries. We are here to help families as much as possible as we all adjust to this new format. Just have your child email his or her teacher. Teachers are prepared to give grace and work with students.

What if my child is not receiving emails from a teacher?
Each student should have an email from his or her core class teachers by tomorrow morning. If your child has not received an email from a teacher, please have him or her email that teacher to confirm.

What if I do not have internet at home?
Please email or call your child’s principal for arrangements. Help can be provided as needed.

Thank you all for your support of each other, our faculty, and our school as we continue to work with our community, our state, and our nation to stop the spread of COVID-19. We know this is a trying time; we are here to support you and your children. We’ll continue to update you on changes and new information.
For updates and announcements, be sure to check out www.www.fpdmacon.org/distancelearning.