Over the next few months, as we celebrate 50 years of faith and family at FPD, we are going to highlight some of the many wonderful memories from our alumni and former faculty. For alumni, is there a teacher who made a significant impact? A memory that stands out? A lesson learned that still impacts your life? Share your thoughts and memories using our online form.

Hugh Comer ’79

Hugh Comer and other class of ’78 superlatives. Hugh pictured bottom row, fifth from left.

FPDS had many wonderful teachers during my years there and I have great memories of all of them.  However, one person who significantly shaped my spiritual life was Mark Heard.  I believe Mark taught Bible for only one year at FPDS, and I think it was our ninth grade year, which would have been ’75 – ’76.  What I remember is that Mark often came to class with his guitar and sometimes sang songs for us instead of giving a lesson!  I followed Mark’s music career and was struck by his commitment to Jesus and belief that his Christian faith was relevant in every area of life. God used this in a powerful way to encourage me to seek to follow Jesus wherever he led me in life.

I watched many of our sporting events through the lens of my camera.  During high school, I took pictures for the yearbook and the newspaper and spent many games on the sidelines trying to get the perfect image. I also worked part time at Coke’s Camera Store, so it was easy to get film developed (remember that?) and photos printed.  We had plenty of victorious moments, as well as our share of heartache, at football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf.  It was fun to be a part.
The funniest memory I have is when one of our classmates set the trashcan on fire in the chemistry lab. As I remember, this individual (who will remain nameless), had just lit the Bunsen burner with a match.  He shook the match to put it out and then tossed it in the trash can.  Of course, the match was not out and the trash can soon caught fire and filled the room with smoke.  Everyone spent the rest of class period outside while the fire was extinguished and the smoke cleared!

Sanford Jones McAllister ’76

Student Activity Council 1976

I graduated from FPDS in 1976. This was the second graduating class, and I think we only had about 60 students in my class. My classmates and I put on the very first “Junior/Senior” (probably now called prom) at FPDS. The dance was held in the gym, which we decorated ourselves.

Many teachers there had a lasting impression on me – Mrs. Gibson, Colonel Jones, Mrs. Middlebrooks, Coach Mac, and Mrs. Meyers (who taught typing – now called keyboarding; truly one of the most useful classes I ever took!). I am fortunate to have made wonderful friends at FPDS – many who I still regularly see and stay in touch with. This is one of the biggest blessings of attending school there.

It is impressive to go back to FPDS 40+ years later and see how it has developed and grown. The physical plant is top-notch and the students are very accomplished and such high achievers.  I am impressed with how the school has expanded but has stayed true to the mission on which they were founded.  It is a jewel for Middle Georgia students.  I look forward to seeing what the next 40+ years hold!!


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