Over the next few weeks we are going to spotlight several Class of 2018 graduates who are finishing up their first year at college. We wanted to see how they are doing and how they consider their days at FPD. 

Caitlin Farr

Caitlin started at FPD in PreK and is now attending Kentucky State University, majoring in International Affairs.

How do you feel FPD prepared you academically for college?

FPD gave me exposure to the kind of work college professors expect while still allowing me room for grace and improvement.

How do you feel FPD prepared you spiritually to be off “on your own”?

FPD taught me the skills needed to defend Christianity and know what I believe in. Because of this, I have been able to find an amazing church and community that helps me to further my walk in Christ.

Are there skills or abilities that you now use that you gained during high school?

Knowing how to approach professors and faculty has greatly helped me in office hours and registering for classes. Without this skill, it would be very hard to succeed or even survive in college.

Looking back, what are your thoughts on your FPD experience?

I love the FPD family. Coming to a large school like KSU was definitely different. Walking around not knowing and not being known to anyone the first week on campus was a humbling experience. Being in a close community like FPD is something I’ve definitely missed and is unlike anything else I have experienced.

Any suggestions for the Class of ’19 as they head off to school?

My advice to the Class of ‘19 would be to get into a Christian community as soon as possible. It took me a few tries before I found a church that was the best fit for me, but I have found some of my closest friends through it who have helped me grow my relationship with Christ. It has also provided me an amazing support system and helped me get involved in KSU activities, such as joining an intramural volleyball team (our team name is Serve the Lord haha!). I don’t think I would love KSU near as much if it hadn’t been for my church and the community surrounding it and I would encourage anyone to seek this same type of experience in college.

Any plans for next year or future goals in progress?

I want to try out as many different career fields as possible so that I can find something that I truly love and am passionate about.