Siarra Reese is a 2018 FPD graduate who is making a big impact in her community. She attends The University of Alabama and in majoring in public health and philosophy on the pre-med track. However, what stands out the most about this remarkable Viking grad is her volunteer work. We wanted to touch base with Siarra and learn more about her community involvement. 

Tell us a little more about your volunteer work on campus.

I volunteer with Bama Year One, an organization for first-year students to help them adjust to college. I also volunteer with Al’s Pals, which is like Campus Clubs for the University of Alabama (UA). I’m also active in Women of Excellence, which is a minority organization for women of color, and we do many different community service events, along with forums. Besides those specific organizations, I also do volunteer work with the CSL at UA. 

Is there any particular volunteer work that you most enjoy and why?

My top two favorite volunteer organizations are Al’s Pals and Women of Excellence. I enjoy Al’s Pals because I love working with the kids. You really get to develop a bond with your mentee over time. I enjoy Women of Excellence because I can develop bonds and friendships with people who can relate to me as a woman and a minority. 

This summer you helped organize a march in Macon. What was the motivation, and what did you think about the response?

For the March, I felt as if it was necessary for the Macon community to come together in solidarity over the recent events. I thought the response was fantastic. I was genuinely ecstatic about the diversity of the crowd that came out. 

Why do you think it’s important for young adults to be a part of their communities?

As young adults, it is our job to change the world for later generations to come. Change doesn’t come overnight, but if you start to plant the seeds of change you will see them grow over time. I like the saying, “Start local. Go global.” You cannot expect to change the world, if you won’t even work in your community. 

How did FPD play a role in your desire to give back and serve?

FPD definitely taught me the importance of community service, and I am grateful for that. I still do community service whenever I can. I have always thought that you should give back to the community, and seeing the support of FPD alumni, students and faculty members, warms my heart.