Back Row: Joe McDaniel, Sam Pearson, Molly Pearson, Joe Wall. Bottom Row: Mort Meadors, Beverly Meadors, Pat Wall

FPD dedicated the Pearson-Wall Recreation Courts on Monday, December 9. The courts were made possible by a generous gift by Mr. and Mrs. Meadors who gave on behalf of Sam and Molly Pearson and Joe and Pat Wall. FPD faculty and administrators along with students came together to thank Mr. and Mrs. Meadors with an afternoon dedication ceremony.

After a remarks from Mr. Joe McDaniel, FPD Head of School, and Coach Greg Moore, FPD Athletic Director, the guests enjoyed watching FPD’s students play rounds of pickleball and futsal on the new courts.

“These courts are revolutionary,” said Joe McDaniel. “They are the first of their kind in Middle Georgia and such an amazing benefit to our physical education department. Plus, they are open to the community, so others can come out and enjoy them as well.”

Coach Moore added, “One of the things we’ve wanted to do for a very long time is to continue to build our school as a community-oriented school. What the Meadors did, in their generosity, is made unlimited options available for our kids, our teachers, our school family, and the community.”

The Pearson-Wall Recreation Courts include two Futsal courts, three dedicated pickleball courts, four Quick Start tennis courts, and two tennis courts that can also be four pickleball courts.