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We are catching up with some of our alumni in a new Alumni Spotlight series.

Rebecca attended FPD from 4k – 12th and graduated in 2011. She participated in Viking League Soccer and was a four-year varsity player along with being Middle Georgia’s Soccer Player of Year in 2011 prior to earning a college scholarship.

Her family had a student attend FPD for over 20 years as she had three older siblings who also graduated from FPD in the classes of ’99, ’01, ’03.

Her dad, Rev. George “Chip” Miller is the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church Macon.

Currently she has two nieces and a nephew who now attend FPD, and one of her nieces has the same kindergarten teacher that taught her.

Rebecca was married on November, 18, 2017 to Nick Semeria, by her dad.

Here is the entire Q & A

1. When you look back on your time at FPD what teachers, and coaches come to mind?

Actually, this is one of my favorite questions to answer about my time at FPD.  I remember my first teacher at FPD- Mrs. Tee in 4K, I loved her. I recently got married and my First Grade teacher, Mrs. Ann Cole, came to my Bridal Shower- absolutely amazing.

 Even though I probably could name almost every teacher I’ve known at FPD, I’d love to highlight a few.

 Coach Trieste coached me in soccer from 6th grade to 12th grade. He will always be one of my favorite soccer coaches. He uses his gifting in playing and coaching soccer in such an excellent way to open up conversations about Jesus and speak the Gospel at practice. It’s was a privilege to play for a soccer coach who loves Jesus. I had so much fun playing soccer for FPD. (Also, since I was in 6th grade, we never lost a women’s soccer game to Stratford. In college, I still reminded my Stratford teammates about that.)

 Every year I had Mr. Kitchell for a teacher or study hall room, it was one of the greatest school years! He has such a talent to, not only teach students academically, but teach them life lessons in a truly loving way. Mrs. April, Catch, Kate, and Sarah are amazing as well. I think the world of the Kitchell family and still keep in touch with them!

 Mr. Morton would stop what he was doing to let me ask him questions about Heaven during my second period study hall. I am so grateful he was willing to use that second period study hall to talk about Spiritual conversations with me. Our class always had a great time when he was our teacher.

 Mrs. Butler meant the world to me as well! I had the privilege to have her as my AP Art teacher. I would want to stay after school just to talk with her- we would laugh about so many things. She is such a treasure at FPD!

Dr. Chase also impacted me spiritually. Something he used to say to our class will always stick with me, “pray your way through your day.” Thank you, Dr. Chase, for being faithful to the Scriptures and a joyful teacher of the Gospel to the students of FPD. I learned about Grace Focused Optimism through Dr. Chase.

 I also think back to Mrs. Gayle Putnal, Coach Wilson (I loved war ball in P.E), Mr. Casper, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Ham, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Mosteller, Coach Turner, Coach Parrish, Coach Thompson, Mrs. Causey, and Mr. and Mrs. Childers. There are so many more teachers I could name.

I’m grateful for every teacher and coach who has stepped into FPD to teach students FPD’s values and mission. 

 2.  Did FPD prepare you academically for college?

Yes, absolutely! I walked onto campus my freshman year academically confident because of the classes I took at FPD.

A class that prepared me well for college was pre-calculus with Mrs Betty Ham for my math classes in college. I remember thinking the math I took in college did not seem too different. 

Also, tough grading on grammar in English prepared me very well for my public speaking and writing classes I took in college!

FPD gave me an excellent foundation in English to earn this degree!

 3.  What course of study did you pursue?

 I received my B.A. in Communication Studies at University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!

 4.  Do you have any favorite memories as a student or as an athlete?

Yes, one of my favorite memories happened in my soccer career for FPD. We were the first class to move from GISA to GHSA my senior year. After a great season, we won the State Championship on our home field! Absolutely a dream senior season for any athlete.

Also, signing to play soccer in college made my senior season very exciting.

FPD celebrates their students very well!

 5. Do you still keep in touch with any of your old teammates and friends?

Yes, I love catching up with FPD  friends! Inevitably, an FPD story will be told. A few of them I went to college with, and even live in the same city now.

 6. What do you currently do for a living?

               I am an Administrative Associate for the Exploratory Center and Pre-Professional office at the University of Georgia. 

 7.  Did your time at FPD help you pursue this? If yes how?

       Because FPD teaches through a Biblical World View lens, I think my 14 years are still preparing me for things in my life.The years a student will spend at FPD are extremely shaping years, even if they do not realize it at the time. 

        FPD prepared me to work with excellence in everything I do – this has come in the form of work, but also, in the way I interact with those around me. Teaching through a Biblical lens changes everything, and prepares you for everything.

8. What is your lasting impression of FPD?

Matthew 5:14-16 comes to mind when I think of my lasting impression of FPD. FPD is an excellent school in every aspect. I am so grateful I was able to attend from 4K-12th grade. Thank you to every teacher and coach who faithfully taught me with this purpose, “to educate and equip students to change the world for God’s glory.”