FPD’s Lady Vikings soccer is again rising to the top this season. We wanted to touch base with two of the Senior athletes, Jansyn Samples, a team captain, and Molly Lee who was recently named a Macon Sports Hall of Fame 2019 Scholar Athlete. They gave some insight on what makes this team so special and what they are looking forward to the rest of the season.

How would you describe the Lady Vikings soccer team?

Jansyn – Our soccer team this year is a dynamic group of girls with an array of personalities in which we all bring something different to the team, and this makes the locker room and field a unique place to share with each other.

Molly – We have a group of talented girls who work hard but also have a lot of fun together. When you have this balance of having fun and getting things done, it is really special and our accomplishments show that.

The team has had a great season. To what do you attribute that success?

Jansyn – Individually, our team is a collection of talented soccer players who have honed their skills over many years of practice and hard work. Together, we have been able to achieve so much by creating chemistry and working together on and off the field to work towards our goals for the season. We take every game one at a time and consistently put in time in order to see that our season is a successful one.

Molly – All of our success so far can be attributed to the Lord for giving us talented players and great coaches. Coach Trieste has done a great job utilizing the types of players we have in order to get results that we want in our games. All of my teammates, as well, have made our season a success so far by working hard in practices and in our games.

Do you have any thoughts about the remainder of the season?

Jansyn – I am very excited for the remainder of my last season as an FPD Lady Viking in the soccer program. I hope they we appreciate every practice, every game, every team breakfast, and everything else we have left because they are going to be memories from a time in my life that I will always cherish. As a team, we all know our goals for the season: win every region game, work hard at practice, put in work before and during playoffs, and leave our all on the field during every game, because eventually, no matter how far we go in playoffs, we will get to our last game. I want us to be able to look back on every game with no regrets, knowing we played our hearts out.

Molly – As Coach Trieste tells us, we start a new season when playoffs start. After winning state last year, our goal is to win one game at a time during playoffs and eventually make our way back to the state championship (and win it!).

What would you say to younger students who are considering playing soccer?

Jansyn – Soccer is such a fun and dynamic sport that creates such a team mentality and has taught me tremendous life lessons about selflessness, community, and hard work. If playing soccer seems like something you would enjoy, give it a try, and pursue development in the sport as much as you can.

Molly – Go for it! Soccer is a great team sport that is a lot of fun to play. You get to form special relationships with your teammates and coaches throughout your school years. Whether you have played before or not, soccer is a sport that you can pick up, especially with lots of practice, so try it out!