FPD will suspend on-campus classes and after school activities beginning Monday, March 16, for one week in an effort to minimize the risk of the COVID-19 virus. Classes will continue through distance learning options as described below beginning Tuesday, March 17. Plans for the following week will be evaluated on Friday, March 20.

Distance Learning Methods

On Monday, March 16, faculty will report to school to finalize distance learning options and prepare for next steps. Students will receive updates from their teachers via email and classroom management tools beginning Tuesday, March 17.

3K – 4th Grade
Teachers will post updates on their teacher blogs and through email. Parents of preschool and elementary students, please make sure you are familiar with your student’s teacher blog and that your child’s teacher has your current email address. Please check for emails daily.

5th – 12th Grade
Students have been instructed to take home their tablets and all of their books/binders in order to continue studies at home. Teachers will post daily assignments using their classroom management tools and/or through email.

If your student does not have access to internet, please notify your child’s principal. Alternate arrangements can be discussed.

Likewise, if students have any questions about their assignments, teachers will be available via email to help. As of now, our Help Desk will remain open and we are working on options to support student IT issues.

Please have your students check to make sure they have all of the school supplies they need. If students have left any school supplies at school, they may visit campus on Monday, March 16, between 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. to retrieve any items. Students should not come in large groups and should not be showing any signs of illness. If other arrangements are needed, please contact the school at 478.477.6505.

Athletic Events

Based on the recent recommendation by the GHSA, all athletic competitions have been suspended until March 27. Since we are suspending on-campus classes, all practices have been cancelled during this time frame as well. All campus athletic facilities will be closed as well. Coaches will email teams as we have more details on when practices and competitions will resume.

Billing for Auxiliary Services

Certain auxiliary services may be impacted by the transition to distance learning, such as dining, after school enrichment, and Center for Discovery. These services will not be provided while FPD operates in a distance-learning mode. Our aim is to ensure that you are only billed for the auxiliary services that your child receives. Therefore, we will be suspending the scheduled April charges for these services. May billing will be pro-rated so that you are only billed for services received. Likewise, previously billed fees for unrealized field-trips and ‘convenience fee’ services will be adjusted in May, where appropriate.

Instructional Support and Drivers Education services will continue as normal, in a modified mode. Therefore scheduled fees for these services will continue.

Other updates will be announced in the next few days as we continue to monitor local recommendations and advisories.

Thank you for your prayers and patience as our faculty and administration continue to prayerfully make decisions to best serve our students and families. While we cherish the face-to-face interactions and camaraderie that make the FPD experience so special, we are thankful we have the resources to make distance learning possible. We look forward to working together to keep our students learning and growing while off-campus. We pray everyone has a restful and peaceful weekend. More information will be provided on Monday.