Concept design for Middle & High Innovation Lab


Thanks to gifts from generous donors, FPD is excited to announce two new Innovation (STEM) Labs – one for elementary school and one for middle and high school students! The Innovation Labs will open in the 2022-2023 school year and will house an array of tools and equipment that will vastly enhance science, engineering, robotics, programming, mathematics, and design opportunities for FPD students.

“While we initially planned on building one Innovation Lab this year, we have had enough donor interest to build two innovation labs – one for our upper school and one for our elementary school,” notes Dr. John Patterson, FPD Head of School. “We are so blessed by the gifts of these donors; these Innovation Labs will change the landscape of our STEM education program.”

The Middle and High School Innovation Lab will be home to multiple elective classes in which students discuss concepts like construction engineering, agricultural engineering, green building, and computer programming. Students will bring their projects to life using 3D printers, soldering tools, robotics equipment, and engineering software on each student’s tablet.

For our prekindergarten through fifth grade, the Lower School Innovation Lab will feature collaborative workspaces with hands-on, engaging activities that enhance what students are learning in the classroom. These projects will build fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills in a maker space format.

“While STEM concepts are currently incorporated into our curriculum at all levels, these new designated spaces will take these experiences to the next level,” notes Kristen Kreutner, FPD’s Director of Innovation, Instruction, and Curriculum. “Our curriculum in the Innovation Labs will incorporate real world problem solving with opportunities to create, design, and build solutions.”

“Thanks to the gifts we received, we will be able to bring these labs to reality and equip them with the latest technology for the 2022-23 school year,” comments Dr. Patterson. “These Innovation Labs will be an outstanding addition to the FPD student experience as we continue to enhance our FPD curriculum and opportunities. Students who are interested in 3D design, construction, coding, and robotics will now have new opportunities to grow their gifts and talents under the guidance of FPD’s talented, godly mentors.”