The FPD Media Center is hosting a Summer Reading Book Fair for Middle School and High School students May 3, 6, and 7. Cash, charge, and check will be accepted.

These are the books that will be available:

MS Common Read:     10,000 Reasons:  Stories of faith, hope and thankfulness inspired by the worship anthem (Redman & Borlase) – $16

HS Common Read:      A Teen’s Guide to the Five Love Languages (Chapman & Drygas) – $14

Please note: this is a different than the book The Five Love Languages of Teenagers

English 6:                     Night Divided (Nielsen) – $8

English 7:                     Among the Hidden (Haddix) – $8

English 8:                     The Outsiders  (Hinton) – $10

English 9:                     Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury) – $14

English 9 Honors:        Anthem (Rand) – $6

English 10:                   The Pearl (Steinbeck) – $12

English 10 Honors:      The Lord of the Flies (Golding) -$10

English 11:                   Solo (Alexander) – $16

English 11 AP:             The Over-Achievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids (Robbins) – $14

English 12:                   Things Fall Apart  (Achebe) -$12  AND 1984  (Orwell) – $10

In addition to the Common Read and the Grade/Class specific books, each student will also select a book from the approved A/R list to be announced soon.

While elementary summer reading books will not be on sale at this book fair, the elementary summer reading list is online.